Become a SIYAA Sponsor

Support your local youth athletics!

The SIYAA is a non-profit organization dependent on signup fees, gate fees, donations and sponsorships from our local community. All monies received are used to better our athletic programs, maintain fields, gyms and equipment, pay certified referees and umpires and incidental costs that may be incurred. The SIYAA also grants College Scholarships each year to  high school graduates who have participated in at least one year of SIYAA sports.

Donations and Sponsorships may be made to individual teams/schools or to the SIYAA and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS. In most cases, team coaches will seek out sponsors for their teams to help in providing uniforms for game days. Please help support our youth athletic programs with a generous donation. In exchange, your company name will be printed on team shirts for players and coaches.

Donations may be monetary or goods, such as drinks or snack items that can be sold in concession stands or services/building materials. If you or your company would like to make a donation or sponsorship to the SIYAA we would be happy to thank you here with a link to your business or contact information.

Please contact one of our board members for athletic donations or sponsorship information.

Thank you for your support!